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Our award-winning natural and landscaped gardens offer an idyllic backdrop that fosters a nurturing and supportive environment ideal for recreation, learning, and personal development. Horticulture stands out as a uniquely accessible recreational and educational activity, one that truly everyone can enjoy and benefit from, irrespective of their disabilities or abilities.

We have designed our facilities to ensure that all individuals can fully engage in and derive joy and fulfilment from the art of gardening. This includes the joy of planting, cultivating, and nurturing plants, experiences that are profoundly rewarding and accessible to everyone. Our amenities feature an array of wheelchair-accessible raised flower beds and grow houses, guaranteeing that everyone, regardless of mobility, can experience the satisfaction and therapeutic benefits of horticulture in a welcoming and inclusive setting.

Benefits of Horticulture

• Better physical health through exercise and learning how to use or strengthen muscles to improve mobility.

• Improve metal health through a sense of purpose and achievement.

• The opportunity to connect with others - reducing feelings of isolation or exclusion acquiring new skills to improve employment opportunities.

• Being outside, in touch with nature and the 'outdoors'

• Improved wellbeing

• If you enjoy working outdoors you may like to consider helping us to maintain and develop our award-winning gardens.

• You may be interested in just getting out of the house for a couple of hours or you may be a very keen or qualified gardener who wants to pass on your skills to others.


Whatever your level or however much time you have to spare we would love to hear from you.


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