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About The Albrighton Trust

The charity has always been volunteer-led; its founder, Bill Jukes, secured the site in 1988, which at the time was a disused farmer's field. The charity was formed in 1990; at that time, a group of enthusiastic volunteers, steered by Bill, were busily raising funds to bring the concept of accessible angling to reality.​ In 1992, the charity opened its gates with the help of the then-popular television program, 'Challenge Anneka,' starring Anneka Rice.  Anneka's challenge was to create a safe angling facility accessible to people with disabilities, particularly those who use wheelchairs. The television program raised the profile of the charity both regionally and nationally, along with bringing financial stability.​Less than two years later, the charity was able to open its newly constructed training and resource centre, which provided accessible bathrooms, a kitchen, and a lounge. Once angling was established, it was time to focus attention on other activities. First came horticulture, led by Malcolm Boller, who had spent his career in horticulture. His vision led to the wonderful, award-winning gardens of today. Enthusiastic volunteers created the wildlife and conservation activities, and finally, woodcraft. None of this could have been achieved without some remarkable volunteers, whose knowledge and enthusiasm have created a charity that has welcomed and supported tens of thousands of disadvantaged visitors and their families.

Outdoor Activities

With a longstanding commitment to reaching the most marginalized in society, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to offer life-enhancing, if not life-changing, experiences through positive outdoor activities. Our outdoor activities include fishing at the Moat, gardening at the Moat, woodcraft, conservation and wildlife and creative crafts. 



At the Moat and Gardens, we're grateful for the dedicated individuals who choose to share their time, skills, energy, and expertise with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our charity, bringing invaluable assets that significantly contribute to the success of our charity. ​We welcome volunteers of all ages and skill levels to join our team.

Whether you're passionate about maintaining the beauty of our gardens, eager to support our fishing programme by coaching novice anglers or looking after equipment, or if you have expertise in administration, building, or grounds maintenance, there's a place for you here. Your contributions help us minimise operational costs, ensuring that a greater portion of our funds can be dedicated to directly supporting those in need. By volunteering with us, you're not just giving your time; you're making a profound difference in the lives of others and playing a crucial role in our ability to offer vital services to our community. Join us in creating a positive impact and experience the joy of making a real difference.


Community days

Many organisations include 'Corporate Community Days' within their strategic objectives; if you work for one of these companies why not come to the Moat and Gardens and help with one of the many maintenance jobs needed to be carried out during the year or organise a fundraising event.​ Not only will it help a very worthwhile cause it will also strengthen business teams and working relationships. Whether it is through donating your time and volunteering with us or through donating your financial support or fundraising efforts we are always grateful to hear from people who want to get involved and be part of the team at the Albrighton Trust.


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