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There are many opportunities for volunteers to be part of the team at the moat and gardens, and we are always grateful to the many people who give their time, skill, energy and expertise to help. Volunteers of all ages, with a wide variety of skills are an invaluable asset to the charity.  They help us maintain our gardens, or help with the fishing programme, either by coaching novice anglers or maintaining equipment.  Our programmes ie horticulture, woodcraft, conservation and wildlife, culture and creativity. We also value those people who have skills in administration, building or ground maintenance.  This enables us to keep our running cost to a minimum so our funding can go directly to helping our clients.



At the Moat and Gardens, we're grateful for the dedicated individuals who choose to share their time, skills, energy, and expertise with us. Our volunteers are the backbone of our charity, bringing invaluable assets that significantly contribute to the success of our charity. We welcome volunteers of all ages and skill levels to join our team. Whether you're passionate about maintaining the beauty of our gardens, eager to support our fishing programme by coaching novice anglers or looking after equipment, or if you have expertise in administration, building, or grounds maintenance, there's a place for you here. Your contributions help us minimise operational costs, ensuring that a greater portion of our funds can be dedicated to directly supporting those in need. By volunteering with us, you're not just giving your time; you're making a profound difference in the lives of others and playing a crucial role in our ability to offer vital services to our community. Join us in creating a positive impact and experience the joy of making a real difference.


Community Days

Many organisations include 'Corporate Community Days' within their strategic objectives; if you work for one of these companies why not come to the Moat and Gardens and help with one of the many maintenance jobs needed to be carried out during the year or organise a fundraising event.

Not only will it help a very worthwhile cause it will also strengthen business teams and working relationships.

Whether it is through donating your time and volunteering with us or through donating your financial support or fundraising efforts we are always grateful to hear from people who want to get involved and be part of the team at the Albrighton Trust.


Sponsorship and Work Experience 

Individuals, companies or groups might also like to consider the provision of equipment to be used in one of the many activities taking place here at the Moat and Gardens. Other opportunities for sponsorship could be a fishing competition, a day’s activities for a group or a garden redesign.  We can also provide work experience for young people to develop social skills in a supported environment.

We offer opportunities in horticulture, conservation and wildlife and woodcraft. Young people can obtain essentials skills for building rapport and communication skills developing workplace performance and confidence with other members of the team and management.

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Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back? Look no further than Albrighton Trust's exciting fundraising projects! Whether you're taking on a sporting challenge or quitting smoking, our organisation provides a worthy cause to donate your funds to. By supporting us, you'll be making a real difference in the lives of those we help. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved and support our cause. As a token of our appreciation, we always provide suitable recognition to our sponsors and donors.



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