The Benefits of Woodcraft

benefits of learning to work with wood

The Benefits of Woodcraft

Woodwork allows the introduction of new layers of learning as new tools and skills are introduced once a person feels confident – starting with hammers, screwdrivers, and a saw, then moving on to introduce drills, clamps, wrenches, pliers, spanners and so on.  Participant develop through their own learning at their own pace and find their own challenges.

As participants explore the tools and their possibilities their creative thinking and imagination really begin to emerge.

Participants are empowered by being respected and trusted to use real tools. They clearly take great pride in their achievements and take pleasure in accomplishing complex tasks and learning new skills. The combination of these elements helps build self-esteem and confidence.

Woodwork provides many opportunities for physical development as the participants learn to handle tools with increasing control.  There are fine motor skills (holding a nail, screwing) and gross motor shills (hammering, sawing) and some movements involve pushing/ pulling (saw) and others are rotational (screwdriver, wrench). Hand-eye coordination is developed for example whilst hammering. One handed tools (screwdriver, wrench) and two handed tools (hand drill) tools are experienced.