Woodcraft provides a unique learning experience; it is rich in so many areas of learning and development and is an activity which participants can be 

Woodcraft is wonderful for building self-esteem and confidence. This is for a combination of reasons; through being empowered to use real tools, by being given responsibility, accomplishing tasks that initially feel to be challenging, gaining new skills and finally taking pride in creations.

Woodcraft provides participants with regular social activity, thereby decreasing their sense of isolation and increasing their overall health and well-being.

The benefits of woodcraft

Woodwork allows the introduction of new layers of learning as new tools and skills are introduced once a person feels confident – starting with hammers, screwdrivers, and a saw, then moving on to introduce drills, clamps, wrenches, pliers, spanners and so on.  Participant develop through their own learning at their own pace and find their own challenges.

As participants explore the tools and their possibilities their creative thinking and imagination really begin to emerge.

Participants are empowered by being respected and trusted to use real tools. They clearly take great pride in their achievements and take pleasure in accomplishing complex tasks and learning new skills. The combination of these elements helps build self-esteem and confidence.

Woodwork provides many opportunities for physical development as the participants learn to handle tools with increasing control.  There are fine motor skills (holding a nail, screwing) and gross motor shills (hammering, sawing) and some movements involve pushing/ pulling (saw) and others are rotational (screwdriver, wrench). Hand-eye coordination is developed for example whilst hammering. One handed tools (screwdriver, wrench) and two handed tools (hand drill) tools are experienced.

How to access woodcraft at the moat

We hold weekly woodcraft sessions and you can join these sessions at any time throughout the year.

If you would like the wood-crafting team to work with your group to develop their interest and skills in woodworking, we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We also run regular wood-crafting workshops in the school holidays for you people; for more information, visit our News & Events or follow us on Facebook

Crafting to sell

The woodcraft project is managed by a small beneficiary lead project team who have developed a small social enterprise by using recycled materials to produce interesting items such as trugs, planters, wine crates, and seasonal gifts. The products are sold at Albrighton Moat and Gardens and local community events; the proceeds are reinvested back into the project to purchase tools and equipment.