Volunteers from Maxwell Amenity/Pitchcare


Thanks to the lads from Maxwell Amenity/Pitchcare, Dave, Laurence, Stuart, Anthony, Dale, Alastair, Tim, Richard and Luke for the amazing amount of work they got through on Saturday. They started the wheelchair friendly path to the stream and wildflower bed; this should attract even more wildlife to our site and everyone will be able to observe and study their daily activities regardless of disability. The lads will be back next Saturday to carry on their hard work. They're amazing for giving up their leisure time to help us in this way.

The guys from Pitchcare came back on Saturday to finish the work they started last week. Due to their help we now have a wildflower garden. In about 6 weeks we should start to see shots appear and by mid summer it will be in full colour and hopefully there will be lots of wildlife who have been attracted to the flowers.

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