Vital Equipment stolen from the Moat

The Albrighton Moat and Gardens was burgled on Sunday (17th April) evening at 9.40 pm, our CCTV showed 3 young adults breaking in to our storage container and steeling the power tools our woodcraft group were going to use on Tuesday, we also watched them on our CCTV stealing the fishing equipment that our fishing groups were going to use on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

If anyone in the Albrighton area saw a car parked in Blue House Lane for approx 15 – 20 minutes on Sunday evening and can remember the details of the vechicle could you either contact the police or give the Moat and Gardens a call on 01902 372441.

If anyone is offered a DeWalt 18v brushless combi drill in excellent condition at a very reasonable price; we had 5 of them stolen, along with a Makita bit set. The intruders also stole various pieces angling equipment, that included Shakespear rear drag reels, Shakespear 11ft rods and Diawa 13 ft float rods.

This was not an opportunist burglary, the intruders came prepared and used a hand grinder to get in to the container and knew what was in there and what they wanted to take, they have obviously been on site in the past few weeks or someone they know has been, because in normal circumstances the items they stole would not have been stored where they were.

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