Request for your support for the Albrighton Trust Moat and Gardens

I would like to ask for a few minutes of your time to vote for the Albrighton Trust; if we manage to get enough votes there is a possibility we could receive £10,000 of funding to help us replace our fishing platforms and re-line our ancient moat. The cost of this work is considerable and you could help us take a step nearer our target.  If this work is not carried out soon there is a real possibility that angling will come to an end at the Moat until we have raised the money we need.
Competition is always tough in these funding bids and because of our size it is hard to compete with the big boys, but with your help we just might do it.
Please vote using the following link 
You have until the 21 November to cast your votes (everyone has 10 votes); please If you have friends, family or colleagues who may also be able to help us, please forward on the voting details.

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