Arts & Crafts

The Albrighton Trust is committed to genuine inclusion, and has made considerable efforts to increase the level and quality of disabled and special needs students' involvement in arts and craft classes. We have the benefit of a beautiful and diverse landscape that we encourage students to explore and use as stimulation for their creative projects.

Art and craft session run weekly for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities; the sessions are intended for people who would like to learn new skills or improve those they already have. The aim is to develop skills, encourage self expression through creative activity and promote imaginative, independent thinking. The sessions become student lead (they make the decisions about what they would like to do) and that self confidence will grow as a result.

Whenever possible and practical the full facilities of the Moat and Gardens will be used to enhance the art work.

There are currently places available on the Tuesday and Thursday sessions: 11am - 3pm (inc lunch break, students to bring own food).

Themed session run in blocks of 6 weeks, booking in advance is required.

Themes may include:

Festivals and Celebrations         Garden Projects                   Flying Things

   Seasons                           Mosaics                  Card making and Gift Wrap

Personal Scrapbook               Basic Drawing and Mark Making            Games

  Masks                    Favourite Films and Music            Picture Making

Modelling                         Papier Mache            Water

Arts & Crafts Classes