About Us

The Albrighton Trust is governed by a board of trustees.

The board takes a strategic overview of The Albrighton Trust's activities and the most important role of trustees is to ensure the organisation is acting at all times in pursuit of its mission and setting the stategy. The trustees (who are also the directors of the charitable company) are responsible for ensuring the The Albrighton Trust complies with all its statutory and legal obligations.


The management of the Albrighton Trust is led by Sandie Jackson who has overall responsibility for the Albrighton trust's management and organsational performance. Sandie's focus is at a strategic level on the business of the Albrighton Trust and the delivery of its activities.

Sandie Jackson, Operations Manager


I have had close links with the Trust since it's conception and have had the privilege of managing the Albrighton Trust, Moat and Gardens since 2010.

Prior to working for the charity I worked in the private sector; I was very fortuante to work for an organsation that provided me with many opportunities, I am now lucky enough to be in a position to offer other people opportunities.

The Albrighton Trust, Moat and Gardens is a unique place that offer opportunities to people disadvantaged by disability or ill health to excel. I am surrounded by staff and volunteers who have a genuine desire to help people whilst treating them with respect and compassion. The nicest of people seem to gravitate to the Trust and their positivity and generosity towards others has a significant impact on our disabled and special needs visitors who thrive in our extra ordinary environment.


The Charity is lucky enough to have a dedicated team of volunteers who give their time to work on a variety of tasks such as ground maineneance and horticultural work, helping with groups of visitors or

Some of our volunteers....

James Harrison

My name is James, I live not far from the Albrighton Moat and Garden Project and went to the local school, Codsall Community High School, then to university to study business. After leaving university I'd spent a long time not really doing anything productive as I was finding it hard to get a job. It was suggested that I tried doing some Voluntary work at the Albrighton Moat and Garden Project.

On my first visit I really liked the place and the people, meeting a volunteer called Lol, who had made a reindeer out wood from the site. Thinking it was good enough to sell as a fundraiser and wanting to make one myself I suggested this was something I could help with. Shortly after starting to volunteer we worked together to see how I could make them safely.

As I have cerebral palsy, which in my case affects my speech, balance and coordination, woodwork wasn't something I'd done before. Once we had worked out how I could make the reindeer it felt good to be doing something different. It gave me a real sense of achievement being able to stand back and see what I had made.  Then to see the reindeer I'd made sell for £10 each. Raising money for the Albrighton Moat and Garden Project, only added to the sense of achievement.

Luke Fortune

My name is Luke Fortune. As one of the Moat's youngest volunteers, I have been helping only when I can since carrying out my GCSE work experience at the age of sixteen. Outside the Moat, my time is mostly spent at sixth form, where I study A-Level Biology, IT and Psychology. As a keen biologist and an aspiring zoologist, I find the little pocket of nature that is the Albrighton Moat & Gardens a great place to be in the holidays between term times.

Being a young volunteer, one of the more important features of the job for me is the trust among volunteers; I have always been treated as an equal. I have weeded ponds, managed bonfires, monitored wildlife and built a greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles. For me the work I do looks good on a university application, which is useful to someone of my age but most of all I do it for the visitors.

There are many fantastic things about volunteering at the Albrighton Moat and Gardens, but at the end of the day, nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing the groups and visitors enjoying the gardens and activities that we prepare for them. My best memories of volunteering are of the smiling faces of the people I meet - people who may never have thought they would achieve what they do. These smiles are what keep me coming back, and one of the many reasons I would recommend joining the team.

Jonathon Beswick

My Name is Jonathan.  I have autism.  I have been volunteering at the moat and gardens for 2 years.  I really enjoy the time I spend there and I enjoy helping out with the other volunteers.  I am part of the woodcraft team and the gardening team - I get the most satisfaction from working in and being part of a team.





Ken Beswick

My name is Ken; I was working full time as a heating engineer; I knew when I retired I wanted to volunteer. I am part of the fantastic woodcraft team at the Moat and Gardens.

Volunteering gives me a sense of pride, it is very rewarding and makes me feel I am doing something worthwhile. I always look forward to the days I spend at the Moat and Gardens. What I enjoy the most about volunteering is being part of a wonderful team at the Moat and Gardens. It is such a friendly place to be.

I get great satisfaction from using my skills to raise much needed funds for a well-deserved charity.


Matthew Popplewell

My Name is Matthew Popplewell.  I suffer from depression and anxiety.  I have been volunteering at the moat project for 5 years since my school advised me it could help with my anxiety.

I have been gardening all the time I have been attending.  I have gained allot of knowledge working in the gardens, cutting the lawns and hedges, planting and weeding the beds.  Volunteering has helped my confidence and I hope to gain enough confidence in the future to obtain full time employment.



Emma Brazier

My name is Emma, I was working as an occupational therapist but having been on a course with Thrive, a national charity that uses 'gardening to change lives' I was inspired to change direction in my career. Thrive recommended the Albrighton Moat and Gardens to me as a Charity who provide young people with horticultural activities, amongst other things and so I approached the team there to gain some experience. I have been volunteering with the Moat and Gardens for about a year now and it has been brilliant fun. For me it is a chance to work with a lovely team and some amazing people. It has been very flexible and I do one day or a morning a week depending on other commitments.




Some of our great band of volunteers having a deserved break