Wildflower Garden

Wildflower Garden

The wildflower garden adjacent to the moat was sown in the spring as part of the 'Garden for the Games' programme to celebrate to Olympic and Paralympic games in 2012. The mixture was selected to be both colourful and beneficial for insects such as bees and butterflies. Daily temperatures were in the mid-teens when this was sown.







The area ws stripped of turf and existing vegetation. Robins enjoyed the exposed ants nests and chafer grubs.








The bank was raked to clear stones and roots. The soil was dry and easy to move around however some of the roots were difficult to remove.









The area was raked to provide a fine smooth seedbed.








The soil was lightly compacted to reduce pockets or air and ensure the seed had adequate contact with soil particles.








The area was then sown evenly with the wildflower seed mixture and lightly raked to ensure the seeds wre in contact with the soil.





Further management

In the first year the main aim was to keep it weed free and reduce competition from grasses. The area would have been to cut at a height of 2 inches every two months or when it reached 6 inches in height. The cut materials was removed from the surface to avoid smothering. Persistent weeds were spot treated with glphosate or dug-out. To maintain as diverse sward into the subsequent years the area is cut to 2 inches in March/April and the clippings removed. The next cut is in September/October after the flowering and seeding period.


For further information or advise on selecting an appropriate grass seed and wildflower seeds mixture please contact Pitchcare.