The site is sub-divided into a number gardens that include our sensory garden, the gardens contain an abundance of scented plants and aromatic herbs, water features creating noise elements, a nature trail harbouring a wealth of wild flowers, birds, butterflies and small mammals which all brings nature alive for many of our visitors.  Hundreds of trees and shrubs have been established around the site including  small woodland areas to add to the pleasure derived by our visitors whilst also supporting the environment.  For bird watchers moorhens, herons and kingfishers are among our regular visitors. Picnic areas and delightfully landscaped gardens are there for all to enjoy.


The new greenhouse with its propagation systems enables us to produce flower and vegetable plants and shrubs available for visitors to purchase. We are very proud of the quality and price that make these an attractive purchase for you to take home and plant in your own garden or greenhouse.


 Through the Seasons at the Moat and Gardens


albrighton trust sensory garden