Along the Stream that runs through the eastern edge of the four and a half acre site a woodland habitat has been created over the years and the dead damp wood has created an excellent area for invertebrates to thrive, this being the start of the food chain for insect eating birds, mammals and amphibians, which has created an excellent biodiversity along with the ponds the Moat and all the different gardens which are a vital Haven to all wildlife.

There are many bird species who visit the Moat and Gardens, we see flashes of electric blue as the elusive Kingfisher flashes across our sight line in search of food, the Grey Heron with it's prehistoric appearance stalks the margins of the Moat in search of prey whilst the many mature trees in the grounds encourage the Green Woodpecker, high overhead we see Buzzards circling in search of their next meal. Finches and Tits are regular visitors to the feeding stations and nest boxes sited around the grounds, with Robins sharing the fishermen's bait. On the water we have families of Moorhens and Coots quietly making their way from the reed beds to the central embankment whilst we have a regular family of ducks who have also made their home at the Moat.

We have the privilege of watching Dragon Flies and Damsel Flies performing a delightful delicate Ariel ballet around us as they celebrate their short life in the warmth of the longer days of the year. The warmer weather also brings a beautiful selection of butterflies visiting the various flowers that have been planted as attractants, in their search for nectar.

On the ground small mammals including Rabbits can be observed dashing about shyly from one area of cover to another seeking to avoid the attention of predators.

There is always something to be seen and enjoyed at the Albrighton Moat and Gardens whatever the time of the year and whatever your ability or age, so many wonderful experiences await you here.

Bird Visitors to our Feeding Stations

Blackbird Chaffinch Greenfinch Goldfinch Mallard
Moorhen Nuthatch Fieldfare Blue Tit Coal Tit
Great Tit Marsh Tit Dunnock Robin Wren
Redwing Siskin Song Thrush Great Spotted Woodpecker Long Tailed Tit
Green Wood Pecker        

General Sightings around the Gardens

Buzzard Grey Wagtail
Swallow Kestrel Sparrow Hawk
House Martin Jag Pied Wagtail Pheasant Magpie
Carrion Crow Gold Crest Grey Heron Wood Pigeon King Fisher
Mistle Thrush